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We are Contiweb, a leading developer and manufacturer of drying and web handling machines for the printing industry. We provide globally integrated technical solutions for web offset printing, digital inkjet printing and packaging manufacturing.

We owe much of our success and reputation to our customer orientated innovations, which enable us to continuously provide solutions for our customers that have a measurable impact on their performance. Demonstrably we increase the efficiency and capabilities of our customers while reducing their costs. That’s why we do it.

We certainly don’t do that alone. We work closely and for many years with partners from all over the world who help to sharpen our knowledge and techniques so that we can continue to offer the most powerful machines, valuable insights and the best service. With heart and soul we continuously work on the development, engineering and aftermarket services of advanced rotary machines. Our unparalleled knowledge of and passion for the industry helps our customers achieve unparalleled performance. This way they can realize their ambitions, which is our ambition as well.

Become who you want to be

Develop as a professional. Realizing your full potential. Worldwide, we help our customers improve their operation. Of course, internally, employee development is key. We work together on everyone’s development and future. We learn from each other. In teams, we bring together different areas of expertise and you work across the board on challenging projects. That stimulates development, cooperation, independence and constantly offers new opportunities to develop further as professional. At Contiweb, you are given every opportunity to show what you have to offer, both individually and as a team member. In the “Contiweb”, all the necessary knowledge and expertise is available to you. What is your personal ambition? Which skills do you want to develop? Make the choice to become who you want to be. Realizing your full potential!

"We are big enough as a company to have many things well organized but also small enough to know each other. This creates a nice working atmosphere ."

Become who you want to be,
realizing your full potential.

Contiweb is...

An international company with a healthy growth ambition and a vast knowledge of our industry. We are there for our customers and for each other and have been for over 40 years.

Contiweb develops...

We make sure our customers are ahead of industry standards and able them to get the most out of their machines. As an industry leader we unburden our clients and offer them suitable  solutions.

Contiweb makes...

Machines for the offset and digital print market and the packaging market. We invent, develop, build and maintain them.