A day at Contiweb

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Electrical Engineer

As you start your day, you check your emails and appointments and make your own daily schedule. Today’s agenda includes working out the electrical schematic for one of the Contiweb’s n ew machines. You want to finalize that one and send it to the supplier who is building our electrical cabinets for delivery next month. Our own assembly department will further assemble these and connect them to the machine that will soon be delivered to a customer in America.

Just before lunch, you have another meeting with your supervisor. He has a new assignment for you on behalf of the Aftermarket branche of Contiweb. He wants to know from you whether a suitable replacement can be found for an obsolete part that meets the required specifications. A nice job to dive into. The expectation is that there is no one-to-one replacement in this case, so that will be a fun challenge to solve.

With the lunch you go to the workcaffee and is it time to relax with colleagues and catch up on the past weekend. Then you slide into the bi-weekly project group meeting together with the other engineering disciplines to discuss progress on one of the new Enhancements in drying. You are developing an innovation that allows customers to significantly reduce the gas consumption of their dryers to reduce costs. Your role in this is to provide the electrical schematics and figure out the necessary electrical components that must also meet safety requirements.

At the end of the afternoon you dive into the test room, because you want to check whether a proposed replacement of an obsolete part is actually a good replacement. If that test goes well, you can move on next week to request a follow-up test with a real machine. Good chance that that follow-up test will take place on a machine located at one of Contiweb’s customers. Always fun to visit a customer.

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Contiweb Field service medewerker variant 1

Field Service Engineer

I usually get my schedule of work about 2 weeks ahead. Yesterday was my travel day and today I am on location at the customer to start. I am here for regular maintenance – resulting from the customer’s Service contract – of a splicer and have also been given two additional points of attention by the Contiweb Service Support coördinator. In this case I work together with the customer’s maintenance engineer; I know him well, he’s a nice guy. Together we inspect the status of the machine and decide what needs to be done and how to devide the tasks. We worked hard all morning. During lunch we have time to catch up on private matters and Formula 1, a passion we share. I also have a quick call with a colleague I was on the road with last week to install a new dryer. I look forward to hearing about the progress. 

After the lunch break we continue with the maintenance job. We have a total of three days for it and still need to replace some wear parts. I try to make sure there is enough time left for extra things I have to check and certain measurements I have to make. At the end of the day, I call with the Service Support Coördinator about an issue I encountered while replacing one of the parts. It looks like there is more to it and I want to check it out first. It is always nice to know there is back-up from headquaters. Should something really urgent arise, I can also contact our 24/7 service department.

In the evening, I return to my hotel and grab a quick shower. I decided to have dinner in town tonight. Fortunately, many of Contiweb’s clients are located near a major city. That means I’ve already been to many nice places where there is always something to do, especially when you’re out with colleagues.

Day two of the maintenance job is all about completing the replacement of the final parts. Once that is done, we pick up the additional tasks and perform a number of checks and measurements to see if the technology of the splicer is up to standard again. Personlly, I think we have a great job, work with nice technology, work internationally and it is always challanging. Sometimes it is maintenance, other times you solve problems. Combined with an installation from time to time, this makes my work very varied. 

Today we finished on time. Day three of our maintenance jobs is usually reserved for starting up the machine, going over the job with customer and reporting. It is always nice when the job is done, the machine is running smoothly again and the customer is satisfied. I drive home with a statisfied feeling.

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Our employees speak

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Ron Blij

Field service engineer

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Noud Janssen

Software engineer

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Vince Giesbers

Project coordinator